Are you drowning under a layer of toys at home? Did you say THAT’S ENOUGH the hundredth time you stepped on a Lego and yet nothing has changed?

We get it! Toys create the perfect opportunity for your children to learn, have the time of their lives, and finally focus on something else while you attempt to breathe and recenter. Yet before you know it, chaos breaks loose again and you’re back to playing catch up with no end in sight.

Understandably so, playroom organization can seem daunting when you don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, there is a way out! Get ready for a full breakdown of all the tricks we use to organize playrooms of all sizes and shapes for you to try out at home. Everything we do is tailored for your children to easily access and put away their toys so everyone can enjoy your new and improved playroom! (learn more about how we organize.)


All Toys Need A Home

Adding bins and containers to the storage you might already have is a quick game changer for any playroom. There are two advantages to this.

One, it keeps all toy from the same family contained in one place. This can be especially great for puzzles and games that come with multiple pieces. In addition, it saves you and your kids from searching endlessly for missing pieces or parts.

Two, the toys last longer. Let’s face it – some toys do not take well to wear and tear. So storing them away when the little hands are not playing with them is a fantastic way to prolong their lifespan.

If you’re wondering which boxes or bins to use, I suggest looking for clear, stackable bins. Transparency will make it easier for your children to identify their toys and stacking them will allow you to maximize storage by using your vertical space.

For your children’s larger toys, choose a sturdy, lidded container to protect and conceal them or a low cubby to promote accessibility.

Maximize Your Drawer Space

Chances are you already have drawer space in your playroom closet or in a storage furniture piece. Try starting your playroom organization project by using the storage space you already have and implement what’s needed after!

To prevent “toy junk drawer” syndrome, implement drawer organizers or drawer dividers. Install multiples of them in the drawer and sort the toys by color, size or category. This is the best organizing solution for smaller items like cars, figurings, and toy accessories. By creating a visual distinction between toys in each drawer, your child will find it easy to access and put them away.

Lift Everything Off The Floor

Don’t have enough floor space for bins and containers? No problem at all! Install floating shelves on the wall. Shelves are straightforward to install, a perfect way to display the kids’ favorite items, and will add a nice element of decor in their beautifully organized playroom.

When it comes to creating an orientation for your shelves, consider installing low floating shelves for toys and books you’d like your kids to access and high floating shelves for toys and books you’d like to display, but limit access to.

In terms of design and aesthetics, there are multiple options for you to pick. So whether you prefer pops of color or muted aesthetics, you will have no problem finding something you love.

To give your child’s favorite toys a more elevated and clean look, add a couple of acrylic boxes. This can give them a beautifully clean-looking home and will teach your child how to nicely display their most prized possessions.

Gain Control Over Crafts

While it is only right and noble to nurture your child’s artistic interest, crafts are resource-intensive and MESSY!

The solution? Containerize to gain control! Turntables, jars, organizers and plastic containers of varying sizes and shapes are your answer. These are an inexpensive yet very practical way to maintain some level of order in a sea of crayons and paint.

Sometimes the baggies crafts come in are thin and easily torn. Smaller crafts like beads and glitter should be re-stored in something stronger like a reusable silicone pouch. Beware of half closed containers and bags with holes in them! Accidents happen, but the time you invest in organizing and tidying your kid’s playroom should prevent these mishaps from happening.

If you prefer to store arts and crafts out of sight, rolling tiered carts are the best! They come in different capacities and colors, and can easily be stored in a closet.

Consider Installing Elfa Shelving

In recent years, the Container Store’s Elfa system has taken home organization to the next level. Elfa systems are a fan favorite in the professional organizing world and will certainly level up your playroom organization.

If you have the budget to install an Elfa system for your kids, it is an investment worth every penny. Elfa systems allow you to customize your storage solution by prioritizing organization, aesthetic AND affordability. They are also modular and adjustable, so you can maximize your space and easily convert your playroom Elfa system into a study station when that time comes.

Simplify Your Tidy Routine

Your newly designed playroom organization should already make it easier for you and your kids to tidy up. Although, if clutter is still finding its way in, it may be time to implement drop stations or toy systems.

If you have a couple of kids on the younger side, designating a drop station for toys is a fantastic solution. Since toddlers are not known for picking up after themselves, having one place to drop all their toys once they’re done will simplify the task. You can also create different drop stations for your older children, like Unfinished Crafts, Play with Later, or Ready to Donate. I suggest using a large tray, bin or cart. This will make it effortless to clean up. No problems, no excuses!

In addition, toy systems are playroom rules that will help simplify play time and tidying up. Try keeping favorite toys accessible and the rest of the toys in stock to exchange when your child is ready for a change. Some families swear by the “toy exchange rule” which allows their children to tidy as they play. No matter what system you chose, take account of how toy clutter builds and your child’s strengths and weaknesses to pick the right system for you and your family.


Quick Tips : For Playroom Organization

Zone Out!

Kids function better when there is a routine or structure involved. Let’s be honest, even us adults do too! So to make it easy for the whole family, create toy zones in your playroom. Zones will allow your kids to associate an entire cubby, dresser or closet with its own category of toys. Make it fun and turn it into a developmental game for the youngins! Create different zones for play activities like reading, crafts, imagination, music and building. Zones are a major part of organizing that will streamline any space, especially your children’s playroom.

Labels Are Magic!

There is a reason why teachers label everything in their classrooms. Simply stated, labeling containers makes it easy for kids to identify them. Not to mention, it will save you your precious time and effort when you’re rushing to put everything away in time for company.

For younger kids who are not reading yet, color coding boxes or picture labels will function just as well!

Declutter With Intention!

Purging kid’s toys can be similar to decluttering our clothes we’ve been holding onto forever. Ask a child whether they like a particular toy; the answer will always be a yes!

So give them a head start and donate the first layer or two of toys you know they have grown out of or lost interest in. Immediately toss all gifted toys, impulse buys and run down toys that don’t align with and serve you and your child. Then allow them to pick out their favorite toys in each category. Take the remaining toys and create a back stock for them to exchange toys at their leisure.

As your children grow, their interests will evolve. With this in mind, plan to help them declutter a few times a year. The routine of refining and curating their belongings will teach them the valuable lesson of taking care of their belongings, as well as build their sense of self and attention to detail.


So you what do you think?
Can playroom organization be straightforward, fun and fabulous for the whole family?
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