The Way We Organize

Our Mission | Organizing an entire household and maintaining it can seem like a mountain of challenges for anyone. We are here to bring you the peace of mind and strategy to bring your organizing goals to life. It is our job to listen, support, guide and design systems that align with who you are and everything important to you. Organizing to us is so much more than making things look pretty and perfect – it’s about unveiling you through your home, your belongings and how they function together to serve you. Our ultimate goal is to allow you the time, space and opportunity to enjoy the things that mean the most to you- and it all starts with an organized home.

“Align your decisions and goals with who you are at your core, and order will fall into place.”

Call us your Home Therapists or Organizing Cheerleaders! It is our duty to earn your trust by enhancing the organization in your life with positivity, acceptance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Angela passes along this perspective

to every UBD organizer, making sure the intention behind our work is unified and held to a high standard. 

Meet The Owner | Angela Joyce studied Psychology at UCLA and spent over two decades dancing professionally, acting, teaching, and choreographing in Los Angeles. Professional organization wasn’t on the agenda or even on her radar until her drive for self-improvement introduced her to the transformative power of getting organized.

After fully organizing her home, Angela quickly embraced a mindful and organized lifestyle and had an immediate urge to help others experience the same freeing peace of mind. She recognized the impact of mental and physical clutter and had a natural ability in creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable, empowered and excited to declutter and invest in an organized life at home.

In 2018, Angela launched Unveil By Design and the rest is history! Her company has served as a wonderful platform for her to use her creativity, compassion, attention to detail and love for organizing to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. She continually educates herself and her team on the latest methods and perspectives to provide the best organizing solutions for her clients and aims to expand her company’s impact on individuals and communities throughout Los Angeles and beyond.