The Way We Organize

Our Mission | Organizing an entire household and maintaining it can seem like a mountain of challenges for anyone. We are here to bring you the peace of mind and strategy to bring your organizing goals to life. It is our job to listen, support, guide and design systems that align with who you are and everything important to you. Organizing to us is so much more than making things look pretty and perfect – it’s about unveiling you through your home, your belongings and how they function together serve you. Our ultimate goal is to allow you the time, space and opportunity to enjoy the things that mean the most to you- and it all starts with an organized home.

“Align your decisions and goals with who you are at your core, and order will fall into place.”

Call us your Home Therapists or Organizing Cheerleaders! It is our duty to earn our your trust by enhancing the organization in your life with positivity, acceptance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Angela Joyce passes along this perspective to every UBD organizer, making sure the intention behind our work is unified and held to a high standard. 

Meet The Owner | Angela Joyce has a degree in Psychology from UCLA and an extensive background in performing arts. She enjoyed dancing, acting, teaching and choreographing in LA for over two decades. Before she was introduced to the world of home organization, it was natural for her to prioritize her passion and career over organizing the things in her home. She has always possessed a drive to continue to learn about herself and the world around her however, and in her early adulthood experienced profound effects of getting organized.

Angela immediately fell in love with perspectives from organizing gurus like, Marie Kondo and Andrew Mellen. After organizing her home for the first time, she discovered the value of leading a more mindful and organized life. Mental and physical clutter had a real effect on her life before and finally, she had the space, time, confidence, and clarity to move the right foot forward.

She soon found joy and purpose in helping others get organized and launched Unveil By Design a year later. Creative by nature, teacher at heart, empathetic as ever, and attuned to detail, Angela was not only well equipped, but inspired to make a positive difference in peoples lives. Angela continues to educate herself and UBD organizers on the latest organizing methods, systems, applications and perspectives in order to offer her clients the most current and beneficial organizing solutions possible.