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We organize to make life transitions at home easier for you.

Whether you are moving, repurposing a room, or simply need to declutter & get organized, we are here to help!

Giving By Nature

We share the love with local charities, community centers and homeless shelters by dropping off your donations free of charge.

Give to yourself & we will give to those in need together. Help us make a change!

Opportunity To Grow

We teach you how to maintain an organized lifestyle rooted in self-care.

Our organization and systems are custom, rejuvenating & everlasting! We are here to make a difference!

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“I highly recommend Angela with Unveil By Design. I am an artist and artists tend to be a bit messy. Angela has a special technique in getting one started. She’s so inspiring, fun and has a way of bringing your very own personal character into your space.  I have no more clutter and everything has it's own place to go back to. I had bags full of very nice items to give to my favorite charities as well ~such a rewarding and beautiful process! Thank you Angela”-Suzanne, Artist
“At first I had my doubts about the process, but in hindsight I realize how all of it ties together and how each part is equally important. It was a relief to be able to not have to put thought into having an organized kitchen with a lot of other stuff on our plate.”-Josh, Business Owner
“Angela brought the peace to the chaos of our home. We've moved multiple times, and each time, our lives became more and more disorganized which was which was clearly expressed in the condition of our living space. As soon as we started working with Angela, we realized that we could actually breathe and not feel anxious in our own home. She educated us, empowered us, and gave us the tools to live in a home in which we found peace in our very own personalized, organized space. I highly recommend her."-Lynne, Nurse
"I highly recommend Angela to declutter and organize your things. She helps declutter and organize your life! I had no idea how much clothes I had until going through everything. I thought it would be hard to let go but Angela really helped me understand the process. I feel so much lighter and happier with everything so organized."-Jennifer, Business Owner

Angela Joyce

Based in Los Angeles. Unveil By Design is made up of a team of upbeat and like-minded Professional Home & Office Organizers. Created by Angela Joyce, UBD’s work is groundbreaking; defining authenticity through personalized organization.

We were named a top organizing and decluttering expert by Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: The Ultimate Room-By-Room Decluttering Checklist | Redfin