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Home Alignment Method | is ideal for clients looking for a holistic approach to organizing mental and physical clutter. If you are eager to be a part of the process, learn how to shift your mindset to live an organized life and transform your home into the sanctuary you deserve – this method is for you. We work with you one-on-one to align all our organizing decisions with who you are and the things that are most important to you. In order to experience lasting organization, we suggest tackling the entire home with us. However we also offer the Home Alignment Method on a space by space basis.

Home-Lift Method | is ideal for busy clients who are not able to participate, but could benefit from a light declutter and most importantly an organized space! We will gather all the information we need prior to our start date. We ask for minimal collaboration throughout the project for customized solutions and adjustments. Feel free to sit back and let go of trying to figure out how to fit organizing into your slam-packed schedule. With the Home-Lift Method we create the zones, systems and organization to support your ideal home lifestyle – “client hands free.”

Home Restore Method | is offered to past clients who have already worked with us and are looking to refresh or realign their home organization. Our lives shift and evolve, and so should the organization we keep at home. With our Home Restore Method, we address any shifts in home life, explore your organizational goals and recreate your space to better serve now.



•Hands-off organization install & design 

•Decluttering consulting and services

•Donation drop off

•Home systems & maintenance training

•Packing & unpacking for relocation

•Exercises and tools to align goals with decision making

•Customized DIY packet



Home Alignment Method |Discounted sessions are offered to clients interested in buying a package of sessions prior to booking with us.

Home-Lift Method A Project Quote is given to clients interested in this method and is based on the client’s organizational goals and the scope of the project.

Home Restore Method | Whether the project calls for sessions or a project quote, past clients receive a 10% Discount on all “refresh” projects.

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Book a FREE Consultation with us today! We offer clients who live in the greater LA area a free virtual or in-home consultation. If you live outside of Los Angeles, let us know and we’ll see how we can help!

Our process is 100% tailored to each client’s goals and availability. No step is taken without the client’s approval or request. We treat every project with sensitivity, enthusiasm, and respect. Organizing accessories like bins and drawer dividers, to home improvements like closet installations and cabinet renovations are needed after you’ve gone through belongings and before we start organizing. These aids are dependent on the scale of the project and the client’s organizational goals. Client style, budget, and involvement preferences are discussed in detail before any purchases are made.

Schedule a Free Consultation with us today to learn more about our prices and how we can best help you!

Donate. Trash. Sell. We support donations! Let us take care of your donations for FREE. If you have a preferred place of donation, let us know and we will do our best to follow through with your request. We will connect you with a hauling service if you’d like to get rid of any large items and pieces of furniture.

’Tis better to donate than to accumulate”

The time it will take to organize a designated space or category varies from client to client. It is completely dependent on the process agreed upon, the amount of belongings, and amount of time it takes the client to make decisions about their belongings. Once we get a better idea of what you’d like to get organized, your goals and availability, we can help you pick the method and/or package of sessions that best fits you. Please keep in mind however, that projects are likely to finish before or after the time we estimate.